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Bahamas Saga
It was a thought that had been ruminating in Bob's mind for a long time. He'd been fishing in the Bahamas for years with Mark and Fred and loved it. Then one Christmas, we both went, traveling first to Eleuthera and Harbour Island and then to Abaco. We stayed on Green Turtle Cay, a small island off Abaco and, frankly, Chris wasn't crazy about it, preferring Harbour Island.

But a few years later, we went back again to Abaco, stayed on the mainland this time (the main island of Great Abaco), and really enjoyed it. A couple of trips later, the thought of having a house there became Bob's dream, and the dream eventually became a reality.

He went back in March 2004 with the thought of buying a small house we had found the previous December. But he stumbled upon Bahama Palm Shores, found the property, saw the sunrise over the ocean, watched the wild parrots landing in the trees, and decided that was his bit of paradise.


Take me to Bahama Palm Shores . . .

In the Beginning . . .

After the Hurricanes, Sept. 2004

Building the House

The Garden

The Beach

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